Thanks For Not Looking Slutty

“Thanks for not looking slutty,” that’s what I said to Lexie when I dropped her off at school. Weird, huh? And not what I expected to say to my 14 year old daughter.

Here’s how it started. While I was brushing my teeth this morning Lexie popped in the bathroom with a tiny black skirt, thick leapord print belt, white top and mis matched socks.
“Cuuut,” I mumbled through my foaming toothpaste.

After spitting and rinsing I added, “You should wear the black boots.”
She made a face and shook her head, “Too slutty” she whispered, because Sandor was close by.

Too late, Sandor looked at us both, “What’s slutty?”
“Can I say slutty?”
I shook my head, “Better not.”
“Are you slutty?”
“Stop saying that word!”
He laughed and ran off to look for his backpack.

Lexie found some tamer boots and I realiezed my “slutty radar” is off when I’m looking at my own kid. I thought the super short skirt (she had spandex underneath) and the tall black boots would look excellent but she knew better. She knew she would be crossing the invisible trashy line in the sand, even if  I thought she looked really cute.

So parents, sometimes we just need to trust our children, we need to have faith that we brought them up well enough and they know what’s appropriate and what’s not. It’s a good thing Lex knows what looks slutty cause apparently Sandor and I don’t have a clue.

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