Men Just Want…Hot Part II

Men still just want hot.

I wrote about this yesterday and there’s bad news…it’s still true and furthermore, it’s not really the guys fault. God hardwired men to want the youngest healthiest female he can find in hopes of having strong off spring. Young and healthy doesn’t have to be smart but they do have to have big tits, healthy hips and good teeth.

There is a  real downside for women, in this scenario. And here it comes. When a man is fifty he can still successfully hit on a hot 30 year old. Maybe she has “daddy issues”, maybe she’s looking for security, maybe she’s burned out on stupid 25 year old dudes. What ever the reason middle aged men can and frequently do hook up with girls the same age as their children.

A fifty year old woman, on the other hand, is pretty much doomed.  If she pursues a guy twenty years younger, especially in a bar, she just looks desperate and  pathetic. Unless she has a whole whole lot of money and a super hot boat, the 30 year old dude is not interested in her, why should he be? And if he is, there’s something seriously wrong with the boy. Who wants a guy with “mommy issues”? Gross, that sounds completely different and far less intriguing than “daddy issues”.

At 55 a woman is a granny, no matter how often she tans, works out and has a teeth whitened . A 55 year old man who stays in shape is sophisticated, worldly, successful.

There’s no way to sugar coat the truth. So guys, when we get upset because you are dating girls fifteen yers younger it’s not that we are actually mad at you. Deep down, we understand and wish we could do the same thing. No, we aren’t mad at you, we are just disappointed and frustrated by God’s rules and the middle aged playing field.

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  1. Yeah…what’s up with this? Kelsey Grammar just married a 29 year old flight attendant last week. He is 30 years her senior. If a 55+ year old woman married a 29 year old flight attendant…she is a Cougar. I don’t get it, but then I am almost 6 years older than my husband. Does that make me a Cougarette?

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