Men Want Hot…It’s Just A Fact and It Kind of Sucks

I know so many 45-55 year old men who would give up both their pinkies fingers to be with a 25 year old woman. They would book a room in a heart beat cause that’s the way guys are. For most men, youth is the hottest attribute and the most fleeting, once it’s gone, it’s soo gone.

When I look at 25 year old men I think, wow, he’s go nice skin but…

The men on the other hand, do not care that the 25 year old hottie doesn’t care what’s going on in the Middle East, doesnt’ know who James Taylor is, they only tip ten percent and they don’t get most jokes. Yeah, she’s got nice skin and pretty teeth but…

Men need and and want something different. I understand why and what they want, intellectually but it’s just not the same. When men watch stripers and pole dancers they actually want them. When most (not all) women watch the Chippendale dudes it’s fun and silly but we don’t actually want to carry those young men home because they are youthful morons.

I’m gonna say it and you can howl if you want to. Most men don’t actually care if a woman is smart. Yeah, they want smart friends to talk to and they want their wives and girl friends to be smart if they plan on keeping them around for more than a couple of years…but hot is better than smart for most.

I guess the old adage is true, “man just need a place and women need a reason”.

I can’t beat guys up too much for being focused on youth and hot, becasue they are genetically programed to be that way. It’s actually not their fault. I get it, but not really…

2 thoughts on “Men Want Hot…It’s Just A Fact and It Kind of Sucks”

  1. Kinda hit the nail on that one D!!! Not to say all women in that age range are stupid…… I think it has to do with actually having something in common other than a man loving her looks. I have dated much older men in my younger years and as fun as it was at first to be spoiled by them, it got old quickly simply because….Hell, they were old!! There is a good reason why it’s called a generation gap. I think for most men, it is the thrill of knowing somone young and hot is actually interested in them period. For women, we have raised our children and looking at a young man reminds us that we don’t want to raise any more. I guess that is also why we look at a man with grey in his hair as consider him distinguished, you see a woman with grey and automatically think, “Gosh she really needs to go to the salon”.

  2. If you are talking about me… well, i’m 26 thank you very much! NOT 25!!!! Does that make a difference? And whats up with the Middle East? You mean like South Carolina or do you mean like a different country… I guess i’m not that smart so i’m confused.

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