No Fear Just Faith? That’s Stupid. I’m Scared As Hell All The Time

At first I loved those bumper stickers, “No Fear Just Faith”. They made me feel good, then I started thinking about fear and its purpose.

First, I think God gave us fear to keep us safe. When a 3,000 pound bull starts charging towards me, I feel fear, so I get the hell out of the way. Fear is probably what makes you run faster during the Running of the Bulls and that’s a good thing.

When I see a rattlesnake in my bathtub, I’m filled with fear. So I get a gun or call my husband.

When a pock-marked stranger with greasy hair tries to give my daughter a ride to school, hopefully she will feel fearful, and in turn decline the scary strangers offer.

Fear is not a sign a weakness, it’s an instinct, it’s a warning system. And God is the one that put it in you.

Yes, you should have faith. Faith that God will keep you safe if you respond appropriately when the Great White Shark starts crirling your inflatable raft. That’s a really good time to be afraid and stay on the raft.

The bible is full of stories and fear. When the shepherds looked up and saw the angels they were so afraid. No doubt David was a frightened mess when he looked at Goliath. You think Daniel wasn’t a little nervous when he first saw e lions. But they all found their faith and moved forward despite their fear.

Fear isn’t necessarly a bad thing and overcoming fear is a powerful, even magnificent achievement. It’s only when we are afraid that we can truly be courageous.

So, instead of a bumper sticker that says, “No Fear Just Faith,” how about one that says, “Sometimes Fearful, Always Faithful and Trying Really Hard to Move Forward.”

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  1. Diana you are awesome. This is SOOOO true. I had fear about getting bangs but I had faith it would work out and it DID! 🙂

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