Is Your Son A Loser?

I’m worried about boys, especially the young dudes and the guys in High School.

 America has spent so much time building up the self esteem of girls, helping girls advance in math and science and encouraging them to excel,  we’ve accidentally kicked the boys to the curb. I read a book my friend Jeff Nixon, suggested years ago called “The War Against Boys”. And now, I’m finally starting to get it. We don’t expect much from the guys and that seems to be what we are getting.

Everybody wears red and pink ribbons to fight disese in women but for men, we do almost nothing. Shouldn’t we fight prostate cancer with the same passion we fight breast cancer. I know breasts are nicer than the guy parts but they still deserve some attention.

A few months ago Alex(husband) and I took Sandor (8 year old son) to a Student Math Night, there were lots of math games and snacks. And not a single boy. Apparently parents don’t think boys would be interested…but girls that’s another matter.

Ask your child who’s in the AP classes at school…lots more girls. Girls now out number boys 46 to 54 percent in college enrollment. and once the kids get to college the numbers get worse.  It’s the guys who drop out. And as of 2009  a whopping 62% of students who recieved Master’s degrees…were girls.

When I googled for images of “loser teenagers” the pictures were all boys. Not really, I just made that up.

Parents, we are the problem, or at least part of it. We have to start demanding and expecting better from our  our boys, we need to expect them to study hard and we need to push them to do well. Being good looking and a star athlete in high school won’t get them far.

 So, unless you really look forward to the day that your 30 yer old boy hands you a bag of fries at the drive in window, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.