Do Men Know How Sexy They Are When They Play With Kids?

I’ve come to realize men don’t have a clue how irresistible they become when they play with  children and babies. When a man pays attention to a child he instantly becomes way more adorable, sexy and desirable. Guys, I’m thinking you didn’t realize this.

The response women have to men when they pay attention to children must be genetic because I’m shocked every time it happens. If my husband wants to woo me, sure fixing dinner or rubbing my back is a great place to start. But if he spends thirty minutes teaching his son how to punt a football or doing math homework, without being asked, his “smoking hot score” goes through the roof. I love that guy and want to make him happy.

Consider for a moment how drawn we are to man who likes rocking a baby to sleep instead of watching CSI. Oh my Lord, that guy, no matter how e or geeky becomes the new Matthew McConaughey or Brett Favre (before the whole weird texting thing happened).  In “girl world” a good father, a fun and loving  dad, a playful boyfriend, might as well be People Magazines Hottest Man of The Year.

This pattern is exclusive to grown women and mothers. If one of Lexi’s boyfriends plays with her little brother, if he shows him how to make a good snowball or explains what a linebacker actually does, Lex and I both love him, a whole lot more.

If a guy doens’t know how to act around little kids, if he acts superior or just ignores him…he’s doomed. And I generally assume he’s an insecure ass. Next.

So men, you can stop sweeping and taking out the trash if you want us to love you. All you have to do is be fun and immature. I’m thinking, for most of you, this will come pretty naturally.

4 thoughts on “Do Men Know How Sexy They Are When They Play With Kids?”

  1. I have to agree with you. When I was divorced (we have now remarried – each other) and I would take our daughter to the park and just doing fun stuff it was amazing how friendly women would be. I always assumed it was because of a cute and vivacious daughter or they liked seeing dads & daughters. Never – I mean never, had a clue it could have been ‘men that play with kids syndrome’.

    I love to play with kids who are at least 5 y/o always did (don’t consider myself much more advanced than that age anyway). The sisters of the girl I was dating were always SO friendly. Come to think of it now so were a few others – but they weren’t mothers. Hmmmm

    If this is the #1 attractant for grown women and mothers I can attest that the #2 woo tool has to be when a woman sees a man in an apron in the kitchen.

    1. Hampo won me over when we were dating. He’d do pushup with Jack(who was 4 then) on his back and it drove me crazy. But I was young and pretty easy to impress then.

  2. I love this! If a guy ignores kids, or acts like a jerk to them (equally bad in my book), it’s definitely a deal-breaker. There are some other bad behaviors I have put up with longer than I should have, but how a guy treats my kid (or even other people’s kids!) has always been something that warrants a quick exit if it isn’t up to my standards.
    Seeing a guy being sweet to a kid makes me smile in a way I couldn’t hide if I tried to. 🙂 You hit it right on the head, again!

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