A No Brainer Blog and Shopping At Kroger

Last week my friend Rob went to Kroger to buy a birthday cake. The three or four employees behind the counter looked at him then looked away. He shifted his weight, made “excuse me noises” , cleared his throat, still, no service. So he left.

Ten minutes latter Rob was standing in Ambrosia Bakery in Hot Springs, Ar. Someone offered to help him immediatl. He bought a truly exceptional, hand made super delicious chocolate fudge birthday cake.  AND IT ONLY COST TWO DOLLARS MORE THAN THE KROGER CAKE!

So this is a no brainer blog.  It’s easy to give in to corporate America, it’s easy to assume Wal-Mart and Kroger will be cheaper, it’s easy to think visiting a locally owned business will take more time and more money. But that’s not always the case. And the cake Rob walked out of Ambrosia Bakery with was ridiculously wonderful. A  Wal-Mart/ Kroger tastes like a Wal-Mart Kroger cake..

A cake from a real bakery with real vanilla and butter is something special, it’s something guests take note of, they ooooh and aaaah and anticipate. A corporate cake from Kroger, well….you know.

So right now, take an oath to sometimes frequent locally owned businesses. Buy that chocolate fudge cake from a real bakery that loves to see your face.