Finally, The Perfect Shower Work-out! And This Isn’t Creepy

The perfect shower work out, I finally have this all figured out. And it’s not that creepy.

First, you probably want me to answer the question, “Why would you even want to work out in the shower?”

We’ll, when you’re in the shower you notice stuff. And you realize you’ve been eating way too much disgusting dead food. You may be washing your hair when you realize your triceps look flabby. Sometimes when you’re shaving your legs you think, “hey were did the muscles go?” So, why not address these problems immediatly and work out in the shower? And you don’t need any special equipment, no goofy Shake Weight, Ab Lounge, or P90X . 

First, of course, you have to stretch and this part feels really good. I think most folks can figure out how to get the stretching part done on your own.

The workout: I like to start at the bottom and work up. So twenty calf raises. Just go up on your tippy toes twenty times. If you need a little help with balance, at any time, it’s ok to touch the shower wall.

Next, twenty squats ( Iwish there was another name for these). You have to work on your ham strings and quads. Make sure you keep your back straight, don’t lean forward and when you do squats never let your knees go out past your toes. When you squat you want to poke your butt out, not your knees. This will protect your back and knees.

Now the upper body. Stand about two feet from the wall and knock out twenty traditional, standing pushups. Try to touch the shower wall with your forhead each time and keep your back straight. You should feel this in your pecs, chest, shoulders and biceps.

In order to work your triceps you’ll have to do one arm pushups on the wall. Put your palm right in front of your face and go as far as you can. You’ll be able to put your hand on the back of your arm and feel that engaged tricep muscle.

That’s it for the shower work-out. I haven’t figured out any really effectice abdomen exercises yet. But I’ll keep working on it. If you have any ideas let me know.

And I was right, wasn’t I?  The shower work-out feels great and  isn’t really that creepy.

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