That’s A Goodlookin’ Dead Bird!

How's that for a goodlookin' dead bird?

A few minutes ago I found a dead bird in my driveway. I got out of the car and poked it with a stick, flipped it over so I could take a good look. It was a lovely creature, black and white with a red throat and patches of red on the underside of its wings. Hum, I’d never seen this bird in our neighborhood.

So, I yelled at Sandor and he found a sweatshirt in the back of the car. I picked the dead bird up and put it on the trunk of my car. Alex didn’t know what the bird was either, only that it was dead so I typed black, red, bird, Arkansas red throat into Google and in less than a minute knew the winged stranger in my driveway was a red breasted Grosbeak. Poor thing doesn’t live in these parts at all; he was just migrating between South America and the Northern United States or Canada. He died right there in my rutted Fountain Lake gravel driveway while trying to get to cooler weather. Poor bastard.

The Cornell University bird website was wonderful and even allowed me to listen to his whistle. And that’s why I love the internet.

While Sandor and I were still prodding the dead bird trying to figure out why he died, a brilliant little blue bird shot out of a tree and into one of the funky old birdhouses we built out of broken boards from the Taekwondo School. Sandor snuck up on the birdhouse and started squealing.

There were three tiny little baby birds poking their ugly little heads out. BABIES! As soon as we sat down a few feet away both parents zipped back in to make sure we hadn’t harmed their offspring. The same Cornell website told me they were Eastern Bluebirds.

So, if you stop by to visit in a few years and find that I’ve turned into one of those weird old ladies with short gray hair, a vest with dozens of pockets and binoculars you’ll know how it all started.

And when it comes to bird watching, the live ones are actually a lot more better looking than the dead ones.

*Lexie, I used you’re black hoodie to pick up the dead bird. Don’t wear it till I wash it. Love you, Mom

2 Responses to “That’s A Goodlookin’ Dead Bird!”

  1. May 10th, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Jimmy Young says:

    I think he died from stress over the thought of having to spend another summer with them Yankees!!!!

  2. May 11th, 2011 at 3:34 am

    diana hampo says:

    That’s it. The cold, the grumpy birds and people, who wants to go up there? So he just figured Fountain lake was a lovely place to die.